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are mostly based on personal contacts tested through years of experience. Networks fit the bill, only if the exchange is active and both parties can derive a discernible benefit from this exchange:


Procurement / distribution

NEC MED PHARMA is a procurement specialist. What’s more, it is also well-acquainted with the demand and demand structures.


A lot of informational sequencing is necessary to get an intelligent solution off the ground. When it comes to the fields of knowledge and sales, NEC MED PHARMA has a vast network to generate these and bring them together.


Myriad details can often present obstacles on the way to success. From market data to legal questions – NEC MED PHARMA knows the respectively relevant market experts in pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements and standard pharmacy products.


A good strategy is only a plan, which, after being teamed up with a top group of players that are fitting and suitable for the respective projects and compatible with each other, results in the maximum prospects for success.

Market know-how

Market know-how and leadership competence are indispensable when navigating the jungle of complex, foreign and competitive markets. Whatever your company-specific plan stipulates, we are the partner by your side who knows the peculiarities of the marketplace. NEC MED PHARMA knows and develops reference and trade flows, price structures and price trends as well as requests/demands regarding product groups.

  1. THE PATH IS THE DESTINATION – The shortest or quickest way is not necessarily the best: Each product has its specific requirements and features. These have to be identified and combined with a suitable distribution policy. In the interest of our customers, we explore numerous paths and trails.
  2. DECRYPTED – The German pharmaceutical market is a market with a large number of sealed and encrypted doors. NEC MED PHARMA maintains a variety of approaches that can be used with the right strategy and expectation of success.

Information management

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it. (Edison)” – We implement ideas and concepts, understand them, adapt them to our market if necessary and integrate partners with exceptional competencies.

  1. PRICE AWARENESS – As a result, we know (or foresee) many purchase and acquisition prices of the respective level of trade in order to obtain and offer goods at optimal prices.
  2. INCREASE IN SALES – As a warehouse and logistics service provider, not only do we understand and cater to the classic or preferred flows of goods, but we can also assist our customers in intensifying their sales.
  3. MARKET EXPERTISE – Information from the network and the exchange with many players in the market allow for exciting offers and concepts to be made on both the supplier and customer’s end.
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Competence to implement

A job is done only when it has been executed 100%. For this purpose, many competences and services have to work together coherently, which do not necessarily have to come from a single source.

  1. SWARM INTELLIGENCE – NEC MED PHARMA knows a large number of market players, their competencies, effects as well as benefits and knows how to bring them together or to coordinate them on a project-specific basis. Not just for "small fish".
  2. CONQUERING NEW GROUND – A special strategy also demands new approaches. Through our network of experienced marketing and distribution companies, we help our customers in getting to know the variety of options and in finding the suitable strategy.
  3. MARKETING MIX – Each distribution channel has its own characteristics that should be met if unnecessary margin and/or efficiency losses are to be avoided. The intelligent distribution (price, quantity, channel, timing) is a key success factor for sales control, which NEC MED PHARMA, with its know-how and network, knows how to use.
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